Culture and the Real Impact of Change Agents

At the Berlin Change Days 2018

From Boston to Berlin

Does “Change” Work?


Fake Change

“They” are “us”

The limits of agency

Heroic change?

Change: what comes with ‘success’ or ‘failure’

Change agents create acts of possibility

Change agents create more freedom

From head to heart to soul

“Hierarchy and network are two terms that evolve and grow with each other and we as change agents have a pivotal role to play. Thanks for the awesome time spent together working to change one human at a time!!! It’s a lifelong learning for me that cannot be erased. I can now never cease to be a change agent, no matter where I am. [The change] mindset is a way of life. Thanks to you and […] countless wonderful change agents and beloved colleagues who have become more that just that!!”

How organizations die

Bringing life to organizations

The process of doing is the impact



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